Message of His Eminence Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales on President Cory C. Aquino’s Passing Away on August 1, 2009

Let the entire Nation pause in prayer to thank God for President Corazon C. Aquino. She was not just the President who gave back to the Filipinos the freedom and democracy they had lost. She was both President and Icon of what an authentic, truthful and honest leader was to a people whose long experience was to look for a guide who would lead them out of history’s cruel political disarray. Above all she was a simple and humble person and leader.

Cory Aquino was said to have wrestled with herself and conscience before deciding to offer herself as an alternative to a harsh dictatorship. And when finally, crowned with the people’s trust, she even suffered more when in the process of guiding the country, countless attempts were put to destabilize the people’s fledgling newly regained democracy.

Let the country thank Cory Aquino for she indeed completed Ninoy Aquino’s dream of saving, serving and sacrificing his life for the Filipino People.

I cannot think of Cory, in her genuine simplicity and honesty, without remembering Ninoy Aquino and his passion to serve, to give and to love.

Ninoy’s sacrifice for a dream for the Filipino made Corazon C. Aquino. Cory Aquino’s simplicity and fidelity to a dream to guide the people completes the story of the Filipino People. But the story needs subsequent volumes that now the Filipino People will to fill up, live and write.


May the ever Merciful God keep you Cory, closest to Him. And May you now enjoy the Rest you deserve!

May she rest in Peace!

Archbishop of Manila

August 1, 2009

Isang e-zine para sa mga kabataang Pilipino ang Naglalathala ito ng mga personal na sanaysay, tula, dula, maikling kuwento, balita at lathalain, komentaryo tungkol sa pambansang usapin, at iba...

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  1. my sincere”s condolences for your loves and the lost of all philippine people.

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