We welcome reports that the National Telecommunications Commission has removed the broadband cap clause in its controversial draft memorandum-circular on minimum broadband speeds. This is a victory of Filipino netizens over abusive telcos who wanted to get away with highway robbery.

But that is not enough. With the broadband cap already set aside, the NTC should use all its powers to address the mounting demands of Filipino internet users, big and small, for #betterinternet and to curb the abuses of the telcos.

Lest we forget, several telcos are already implementing broadband caps on their substandard services. The NTC must correct this absurd situation.

We hope that the NTC would consider the eight-point demands of netizens as contained in our online petition.

The NTC should push through with the public consultations in major cities nationwide, and another round in Metro Manila so the agency would know what the problems are. Netizens and consumers are not taking it lightly that the NTC chose to consult only with telcos from Sept. 2010 until the Jan. 11 public hearing which was compelled by a consumer uproar.

We also look forward to a public hearing being pushed by Representatives Raymond Palatino (Kabataan) and Antonio Tinio (ACT) in the House of Representatives. Palatino, a co-convenor of TXTPower, is the author of House Resolution No. 407 directing the House Committee on ICT to conduct an inquiry on substandard broadband services. Tinio was also among the original co-convenors of TXTPower in 2001.

Tonyo Cruz
President and CEO

Tonyo is a blogger, journalist, propagandista and TXTPower president. He is also a member of the Bloggers Kapihan crew.

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