My dear, I am more than happy to tell you that
I saw an April snow last April
and an August snow guess when.
And tonight, I shiver as the snow pummels
the rooftop. I already miss our star-gazing
Under the starry, apathetic night.
Honestly, I love the star-gazing more than the snowfall.
And honestly, it never really snowed.
And I never saw not one.

Does it matter to you that I opened this poem with a lie?
Well, just last year while the snow which wasn’t there
blurred the sight of you leaving,
you opened the year with a lie.
And you never came back
despite your promise
of bringing home for me
a plastic bottle
filled with

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  1. Higit pa sa anumang nakasulat sa itaas ang pagkakakilala ko sa kaniya. Bukod sa kadalasang nagpapakalalim, mababaw din iyan sa paraang mababaw na parang abot na abot mo pati ang pinakamababaw niyang tawa, at malalim din sa paraang hindi mo marinig ang mga malalim niyang halakhak. Mabuting tao, mabuting kapanalig, mabuting kaibigan, ngunit masamang mapikon.

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