Nothing is permanent in this so called Life
And everything will soon be out of sight
Death is near and we all know
that there was no other way to go
Everything will soon come to an end
So be in a hurry and let your time be spent
Do not waste time for thinking what to do
Neither we should be looking for clues
Instead we should spend our time wisely
So we can live happily

What will you do if today is your end?
And nothing’s left for you to spend?
Will you say “sorry” to your enemies
or quarrel with them ’til the end of the seas?
Will you ride a bus, or sail on a boat
or wait ’til everybody floats?
Will you waste your time doing nothing
or spend your time doing something?

Speak up loudly! Shout out aloud!
Speak your mind and you should be proud
For the things you have done
And for the thoughts you have planned
For its better to do what you can do
than waiting for something that is impossible to be true…

Si Margaret ay isang 3rd year high school student sa Caloocan.

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  1. ui . . .galing mo magcompose ah. . .

    knowing na 3rd year high ka pa lng. . .

    eh. . .gus2 ko sanang gamitin tong compose mo sa gagawin kong kanta. . .me band kac ko. . .

    payagan mo sana ko. . .

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