I believe in freedom, and the freedom to believe is supreme.
I believe in Arkaye Kierulf. Yes, in the quiet dignity of horses too.
I believe in turtles, that they are better than horses, but kings and emperors did not ride on them.
I believe in Anaphora and in all it has to say.
I believe poems like this make a better day.
I believe that stupidity strengthens, depth is one of the weak’s defenses.
I believe in orgasm.
I believe that when God created the clitoris, he was having fun.
I believe in déjà vu, and this is one.
I believe in English subtitles for the hearing impaired.
I believe some love are just impaired.
I believe love is better off impaired.
I believe in shampoo plus conditioner.
I believe in my hair.
I believe in every tick that lives in my hair.
I believe that behind my hair is an envious onlooker.
“I believe in America,” claims Bonasera in the opening seconds of The Godfather.
I believe in my mother’s laughter, despite the denture.
I believe in headaches, they are serious and painful.
I believe in heartaches, they are even more serious and painful.
I believe fools are but fools.
I believe death is the ultimate school.
I believe in anonymity but I like my name.
I believe you should be sad about the fact that this will end.
I believe in Samuel Becket.
I believe that when a writer wants to write, he just wants to read himself.
I believe youth is overrated.
I believe this room was once a planet, and my smile was once a moon.
I believe in moon, and she too will vanish soon.
I believe in prime numbers, in what remains after divisions.
I believe shadows that remain shadows all night long.
I believe in second hand, in second life, in second chance.
I believe in poets who can dance.
I believe in my hands, the softness of my palms, my fists like our hardened hearts, my fingers are ten unlit torches of love, I believe in my hands.
I believe or I die.
I believe or I lie.
I believe another lie after a lie is less than a lie.
I believe in the silence after the sigh.
I believe in kiss.
I believe in the inevitable and the incomplete.
I believe then I forgive.
I believe in open endings,

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