The gates are closing
The sky is red and gray
Its cushions bleed no color
And my skin is purple
In my head, your voice is muffled by the drops
The heat of my flesh is enraged by the cold
My eyesight blurs
The tempo is faster
Panting to keep up with the beat
Sugarcoating infidelity
As the saline erases the words
On the letter that will not be sent
But your eyes should shine
To make up for the life you spent asleep
And the cold shall make you burn
While the rain washes away
The ashes that I’ll become
So as not to leave evidence of the slicing
Of the flesh that made my eyes shine first
As yours are dilated like a corpse’s

Eboy Cornejo

hmmm... wla masabi eh... hahaha.... basta alam ko na na pinanganak ako sa UP diliman Q.C... anak ako nina ....oOOpppsss tama na nga... baka humaba pah... hahaha... at magaaral pO ako ng UnibErSiDAd...

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