Of course the governor is enraged with the idea that his youngest, his unica hija fell for a bum just like that. “How pathetic, you child of a God!” he yelled at her. “A farmer could have been better!” He repeated some tedious platitudes over the phone. “But I love him papa, I’m willing to starve!” she retorted crying. You need not be a fan of melodrama to know that the more they try to sway the girl who is at the height of her frenzy, the more she will stick to her love, no matter how much it would cost her. The governor is not alone resenting it. His former colleagues in congress mourn the monumental mismatch. Even the supreme court is quick to cast a verdict: “it’s a crime for a bum to be loved by the governor’s lass.” But long before that, the president has issued an executive order to hunt down and persecute any unemployed, underheight, underground bard who is capable of fishing girls of importance. Yet the bum, quite skilled an escapologist, decided to submit himself before the court and pleaded guilty. Maybe all he ever waited is the love, for him to cut his hair, to cut his freedom. All he ever wanted is some changes, he wished to stay in jail. A thousand miles away from him, the girl gave up her lavish lifestyle, her basketball players and one-night-stands. Determined to prove her love, she went home to free the bum and marry him in La Union, where her father is not a Godfather but a God. There, the governor has all the means to kill the bum: he can slice him in half, lengthwise, or even cut him into microscopic bits, whichever pleases better. But then the governor, though still a little troubled, softened, he played a trick instead; a trick so trite it is predictable, the bum for sure had smelled. One cold november night, his daughter is away, he asked the bum to have a walk somewhere. Out they went into the woods and in an hour they reached a dead-end. “What now?” asked the bum. Both of them panting, the governor stopped to catch his breath. Then all of a sudden, he spoke demanding: “Kill me here and now so you can have my daughter; let me live and she’ll be gone forever.” Not a moment of silence the bum replied: “That’s it? Just be sure you are unarmed and please do not resist.” He started him by kicking in the groin. Another one in the groin. And another one. But before he could pull a fourth, the governor yelled, writhing in pain: “Enough of this stupidity, you won!” Since then the governor, a mighty aging lord, gave the two all the comfort and solace, all the money they would need, all the freedom they deserve and they all died happy.

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