Anakbayan prides itself as one of the leading youth groups that ushered in the advent of what is now hailed as the People Power 2/EDSA Dos Uprising.

We maintain that Edsa Dos remains a benchmark in our nation’s history in attesting to the powers of a broad mass movement that marched as one to achieve a particular heroic goal.

Indeed, our constituents may now be called the ‘veterans of Edsa Dos’. We were those who valiantly marched from our universities to the Edsa Shrine. We were those who decisively marched on to culminate Edsa Dos at the bridge of Malacanang.

Still, we have constituents now who have been too young to participate in the Edsa Dos Uprising. What, then, would the spirit and legacy of Edsa Dos be for them?

Then, as it is now, Edsa Dos was about the removal of a tyrant and corrupt leader who has caused injustice, plunder and massive discontent among the youth and the people. Then, as it is now, Edsa Dos was not about ousting one president in favor of a successor. Then, as it is now, Edsa Dos was all about the people’s demands for truth, accountability and justice.

Despite assertions of some sectors of society, today’s generation does not subscribe to so-called ‘people power fatigue’. This concept is nothing but a ploy of the present administration and its apologists to cover up its very palpable dread of a burgeoning mass movement. The Arroyo administration is very conscious and frightened to this day of the development of a broad mass movement that may well succeed in ousting it from power.

The Arroyo administration has reason to feel insecure about its tenure. It should consider itself very unfortunate to have to face two generations of youth dissenters -– the ‘veterans’ of Edsa Dos and today’s youth who have witnessed and endured ‘Hello Garci’ to the countless unresolved cases of bribery, corruption, human rights violations and economic plunder.

Unlike other sectors of society, we refuse to accept that the coming 2010 presidential election is the only means left to change the nation’s leadership. 2010 is still a long way to go and yet the tactics of Charter Change and other such desperate ploys of the Arroyo administration to cling to power refuse to die down.

Seven years of Arroyo is enough. A people power is still true and tangible. A people power is brewing in our midst as we speak.

Eleanor de Guzman
Chairperson, Anakbayan

Sarah Katrina Maramag
Vice-chairperson, Anakbayan

January 18, 2008

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