We are disappointed over what happened during the rally in Makati last Friday, February 29, 2008. Allowing politicians to go on stage and speak in behalf of and to the crowd did not only misrepresent our convictions, but was primarily a breach of the agreement between the organizers and participating groups that no politician should be seen on stage.

We pulled out earlier than expected because we believe that our no-politicos agreement should have been binding enough and that no individual or group was above that agreement, the same way we believe that no one is above the law.

Friday proved that people of different beliefs and opinions can rally under the same banner and share a common goal. We are together in this fight for Truth, Accountability and Reforms in government, anchored on genuine democracy where transparency, dialogue and the rule of law are immutable and non-negotiable.

But we disagree that politicians, with whatever fame they have or had, truly symbolize our sentiments. Likewise, we believe that in order to make the greater majority of the public realize that politics should not be personality-based, opinion leaders themselves should veer away from the traditional approach of building up personalities as icons of change.

We look forward to the day when not only are our public officials held accountable to the people, but more importantly, that we, as a nation, value the honor of word and the promises we make.

In our pursuit of Truth, Accountability and Reforms, we are also putting forth our convictions against traditional political trade, be it in government or civil society, which has tolerated, if not contributed to having a culture of corruption.

A search for truth requires critical discussion and knowledge of facts and issues, not opinions or political statements from personalities. We disagree that the means justify the end; else we would be just like what we are fighting against.


Chairman – Harvey Keh
Vice-Chairperson for External Affairs – Atty. Eirene Aguila
Vice-Chaiperson for Internal Affairs – Nina Terol
Membership Committee Head – Stephanie Cuevas
Communications and Public Relations Head – Niel Lim
Finance Committee Head – Steve Ladan
Secretariat and House Rules Committee Head – Ryan Chung
Special Projects Committee Heads – Karen Naranjo and Alvin Quintans
Truth Committee Head – Eli Convocar
Acccountability Committee Head – Princess Celestino
Reform Committee Heads – Marie Chris Cabreros and Gio Tingson

Team RP is a youth-led movement that is composed of college students and young professionals from all walks of life that is currently pushing for Truth, Accountability and Reform in our government. Team RP is also part of the BUSINA movement or Buong Bayan Isinisigaw Tama Na, Itama Na! Team RP believes that our decisions and actions should focus on the prevailing issues and problems at hand and not just on personalities and political figures. Team RP also believes in developing and implementing concrete action plans towards achieving its goals of promoting Truth, Accountability and Reform in our present-day Filipino society. As a youth-led movement, we believe that complaining about our country’s present situation and problems is not enough, rather proactive and collective action by every Filipino is a must if we hope to move forward as a nation and as a Filipino people.

For more information about Team RP, please email us at team.rp.official@gmail.com or you can also call us at (02) 426-5657.


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