5 November 2005

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines vehemently condemns the gang rape of a Filipina woman by six US soldiers in Subic, Zambales on Nov. 1, 2005. This heinous crime tramples on the basic human rights of the victim. But more than that, it insults the dignity of the Filipino nation. It is a gross violation of the national sovereignty of the Filipino people.

The eyewitness testimony of the driver of the rented van in which the crime was committed, the sworn testimony of the victim herself and the reports of the preliminary investigations constitute sufficient basis to charge, detain and prosecute the accused US soldiers of the dastardly crime of rape. They must not be allowed to escape to the US like numerous other US soldiers who have committed crimes in the Philippines.

The fundamental right of the people to national sovereignty is shamelessly surrendered by the Arroyo regime that subserviently welcomes, emboldens and supports the arrogant presence of US troops in an unending series of joint war exercises. All these are being stepped up and enlarged under the ambit of the so-called �war on terror� of US President Bush.

The Filipino people demand respect for our national sovereignty and national dignity. We demand justice for the victim of this heinous crime of gang rape committed by foreign troops who violate our women, spit on our dignity and arrogantly claim immunity through unequal agreements like the Mutual Defense Pact, Visiting Forces Agreement, and the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement. These are unequal agreements which successive puppet regimes have signed in violation of the Filipino people�s fundamental right to national sovereignty and independence.

The NDFP has insisted that the principle of national sovereignty be the first guiding principle in the peace negotiations between the NDFP and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). So it is stipulated in The Hague Joint Declaration signed and approved in 1992. It is the same principle that the NDFP asserts and upholds in declaring that the so-called terrorist listing of the CPP, the NPA and the NDFP chief political consultant is a gross violation of this fundamental principle and a blatant infringement on the inherent right and capability of the Filipino people to judge on Philippine events, situation
and circumstances.

The NDFP condemns both US imperialism and the puppet regimes which collude with it in trampling on the Filipino people�s national sovereignty and together with it and the exploiting classes inflict intolerable exploitation and oppression on the Filipino people.

The Arroyo regime assists US imperialism in trampling down on the national sovereignty of the Filipino people. It is a regime of national betrayal and treason. It is even more accountable for criminality than the six US soldiers who gang raped the Filipina last Nov. 1. It has made possible a long train of crimes perpetrated with impunity by US multinational corporations and military forces.


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