We are youth and students from different schools, colleges and universities and various sectors of society. We come here today to convey our message and appeal to our honorable senators in light of the ongoing hearings on the ZTE-NBN controversy.

We appreciate your action of immediately calling for Senate investigations to shed light to this issue. It is in fact through these that Mr. Jose ‘Joey’ de Venecia was able to air his testimonies with regards to the said alleged anomalous contract. We are grateful for this.

While we must admit that another scandal tainting the credibility and integrity of this administration may not have come as a surprise to us, we cannot deny that this recent controversy is more cause of disillusionment for us in our country’s type of governance.

Corruption in our country is chronic. Sadly, under this administration it has become more so. We are young and our memories still sharp; we have not forgotten Jose Pidal, IMPSA, Piatco, Jancom, Philhealth cards, the fertilizer scam, the automated poll machine scam and Hello Garci. These anomalies are fresh in our minds and we find it most unfortunate that those involved have not been held accountable to this day.

It is in this light that we send you our message of trust and reliance to truly get to the bottom of things on the ZTE-NBN deal.

We believe that the Senate hearings are a good venue to continue to make youth and students aware of the present national situation. As the hearings progress, we hope to be able to come up with our own clear judgment and attitude towards this issue based on facts and what actually transpired. We trust that you will not trivialize the matter as other parties are inclined to do, and truly, sincerely and without constraint help us shed light in yet another scandal that is cause for disgrace to our country.

Corruption in our country is chronic, but not irresolvable. As leaders of this nation, we look up to you as guardians of good governance and social justice.

We pray that you do not back off from truth, transparency and accountability.

National Union of Students of the Philippines
College Editors Guild of the Philippines
Student Christian Movement
Kabataan Party
League of Filipino Students
Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP


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