I have been the ‘nerd’ type, as they call it.
Studying here, studying there.
Always on top of everybody,
I have been a studious girl.

But they don’t know that every night,
Silent tears fall down my eyes.
So many reasons why that happens,
I’m getting too emotional.

To overcome my loneliness,
I’m with my friends in every destination.
I have almost traveled every secret place.
Outside the house, I’m an adventurer.

But then again as usual I return home late,
I tease my sisters and their works.
My mom sermonizes me beyond my ears,
I get irritated that I curse her.
Yeah, I know, I am evil.

But even though I act like that,
The crooked government, I don’t just mock.
I fight for everyone’s right.
I’m an activist, I am against them a lot.

I never waste my time, I’m always updated.
Surfing the internet is a habit.
I have played every computer game.
Only near that I’m a computer addict.

I won’t go out with just plain shorts and shirt.
What’s the use of these fashionable cloths?
There’s blue, pink and all the colors.
Not so kikay and fashionista, huh?

In all of those, Someone is calling me.
I owe Him my birth and everything you see.
He’s sinless but still forgives.
Must serve Him,
‘Cause “I’M STILL A CHRISTIAN”, you see.

Whatever your being, big or tiny,
It’s part of His will, hope you can see.
He saved us from the Cross of Calvary.
Whatever we do, think first!
‘Cause we’re still Christians, you see.

Aimikalyn Capinpin

Hi ~ I'm Aimikalyn . You can call me Mika . I have been readin' English novels since when i was 11. I'm not fond of Tagalog ones . My biggest dream ever in the field of literature was to be the youngest...

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  1. BEAutiful my Friend….!!!!!!
    There are no other words for your feelings…..!!!!!
    Be yourself always…!!!

  2. This is a poem? Seriously? Oh come on. What happened to Tinig.com? Where are the poems? This is no longer the website for true activist poetry. This balderdash proves that activism and poetry are two of the most misused and misunderstood words in the planet. Call me arrogant but this piece is not worthy of publication, not even worthy to grace a highschool literary folio. If this will continue, fewer people will keep visiting this site. I do not want to elaborate how bad this piece is, because as a matter of fact, this isn’t worthy of serious criticism at all. This is cretinism on the part of the administrator who decided to publish this while few hundreds of other entries, which are more palatable, remain in quarantine. I hope this comment gets posted, or else democracy indeed has left this place, which had for once became my favorite source of subversive entartainment.

    I have nothing against the author, who is unmistakably young and sincere. She surely will agree with me someday.

  3. go girl.
    you’ll be wiser.
    will see beyond the self,
    will even question god, one day.
    this little ‘poem’ made me see.
    what it’s like to be young.
    as i was, you see.

  4. it is so beautiful… all of the emotions that you want to show has given life to the poem…
    still you remember god is always there to guide us even we have been lost…

    god bless my friend and take care…

  5. i would like to show gratitude to everyone who gave time reading my poem .. more thanks to those who gave more time to give somments on my work .. i know that i’m not perfect, not even that good .. i just write what i feel .. thanks again and may God bless us all ! ^^

  6. hi, ganda nman ung ginawa mo ah!. actualy naligaw lng ako d2 may hinahanap kse ko eh…but anyway all i can say is that keep up the goOd work pag butihin mo p..hehehe..katunayan nga nyan eh crush na kta hahaha!!………. jok jok!..=)

  7. Re to dhon: thanks poh sa time sa comment, as well as sa compliment . .hehe .. ^^

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