Dear Fellow Filipinos,

Good day to you!

Last October 13 , Governor Ed Panlilio of Pampanga came out to declare that he was given P500,000.00 in cash which came from a Palace Staff Member in Malacañang. The money was allegedly given for baranggay projects and to support candidates for the upcoming baranggay elections. Since Gov. Panlilio’s admission, there have been other local officials and congressmen who have admitted to receiving money from Malacañang as well. Up until today we still don’t know where this money really came from.

But since then, Gov. Panlilio has been under fire because of doing the right thing. Right now, local officials in Pampanga led by Vice Gov. Yeng Guiao are ganging up on him and marginalizing him by not respecting his authority as governor. Media Publications in Pampanga are even being used to destroy his credibility. If one looks at Gov. Panlilio’s performance thus far in the less than 6 months that he has been in office, the results would speak for itself. He was able to raise the same amount of quarry taxes in less than two months compared to the former governor who raised the same amount in one year. Due to this, mayors and board members are now demanding part of this collection money and are blackmailing Gov. Panlilio by not passing important policies that will benefit the constituencies of Pampanga.

Isn’t this a familiar refrain in our country? Someone does good and yet he is often punished for doing what is right? And worse, while this is happening many of us just turn a blind eye without doing anything. We just shrug it off and move on with our lives. It is no wonder why majority of our government leaders are becoming bolder and bolder in becoming corrupt since for them no one would dare complaint about it. In short, we deserve the kind of leaders that we have because we continue to do nothing despite the fact that we see that there is something wrong. And this is why I am writing to appeal to you right now, I’d like to ask for a few minutes of your time to send an email of support to Gov. Ed Panlilio, let us all tell him that we are behind him in his quest for the Truth. What is at stake here is not only the people of Pampanga but the nation as a whole. Gov. Ed exposed what has long been happening in Malacañang and now he is being punished for it. Will you do something about it?

If yes, then please send an email of support to Gov. Ed Panlilio at and please help us by forwarding this email to all your friends. We will print the emails that you send and give it to Gov. Panlilio to show him that he is not alone in his quest for the Truth. Let us show the world that the Filipino people will not just allow another Good Man to fail and let evil prevail.

Thank you for your time! May you have a pleasant day!


Harvey S. Keh
Director for Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship
Ateneo de Manila University-School of Government

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  1. go! Gov. Panlilio! you are god’s gift to all capampangans tired of pampanga politics.
    vice gov guiao, the board members and all mayors supporting him are salivating with the money from quarry operations and simply want a slice of the pie. they cant have it and now they’re crying out loud! pathetic! pathetic! we support you gov panlilio. woe to guiao and his cohoots!

  2. Good day. Right people wants change but does nothing. Most of us are guilty of just being fence sitters. Time has change we must voice out what we want because change will not just come automatically. Those politicians thinks they can always fool us. Let us show them they can’t do that to us. Let show our support for good leaders like Among Ed. Mabuhay ka Among Ed lead the way and we will follow.

  3. grabe kayo…masyadong halata naman ang ginagawa nyo kay Gov…Garapal ang ginagawa ninyong ito…hindi ninyo nga nais na malinis ang gbyerno..tulad ninyo ang siyang hindi dapat nandiyan sapagkat ginagamit ninyo lamang ang ang inyong kapangyarihan para sa inyong mga sarili sana matauhan ang mga taga-pampanga at kayo ay balikan sa mali ninyo ginagawa…ganundin sa bansang ito wala nang moralidad na kilala basta yumaman at mangabuso sa kapangyarihan…

  4. saludo po ako sa inyo among Ed sa panahong madalang pa sa patak ng ulan ang tulad ninyo sa politica ng ating Honesty is the best policy ika nga.kayo po ang bagong sibol na pagasa ng mga kabataan na dapat tularan ng umasenso naman ang buhay ng bawat filipino dahil sa sobra kasing politica at corruption parang kalawang sinisira ang pondasyon ng tunayna kahulugan ng pagiging filipino.panahon para tayo magkaisang muli at ibangon ang ating inang bayan.sumusoporta po ako sa inyo.

  5. Isa lang naman ang ninana-is ni Fr. Panlilio,ang pagbabago. Alam natin na panig ang kabutihan at ang Diyos sa kanya at ngayon kinakalaban siya ng mga demonyo. Bakit mo naman kakalabanin at siraan ang isang tao na nanggaling sa simbahan? at bakit ba naman bigyan mo ng suhol ang pari? Katulad ng panahon ni Kristo, ang katutohan ang kanyang ipinaglalaban at tulad din ng bulok na politika sa panahon niya kaya siya pinaslang. Huwag natin hayaang Paslangin ang isang taong nasa tama.

  6. I support and i will continue to support Gov. Ed Panlilio even i am not from pampanga. Bihira lang ang government official na katulad niya at wala kang makikitang bahid ng katiwalian. Sana mabigyan siya ng sapat na proteksiyon at suporta para magkaroon ng pagbabago sa ating bansa. Sana siya na ang maging simula ng pagbabago sa ating bansa.
    Masuwerte ang mga taga pampanga at sa kanila magsisimula ang pagbabago para sa pilipinas.
    Huwag sanang panghinaan ng loob si Gov. Ed at ipagpatuloy niya ang good governance at sana hindi lang pampanga ang mabago niya, pati buong pilipinas (meaning, he can be for president).
    Si vice gov. yeng guiao, mas makakabuti na lang sana sa kanya ay pagibayuhin niya ang basketball.

  7. Among Ed, I am a journalist, ex-political operative of Malacanang and a columnist of Bulgar. I have not seen a politician like you, because you are not a politician. Carry on. The people are behind you. Godbless!

  8. Go Among!!! Balaus ye pu ing gagawan yu at ali ko pu milalako pagasa. MALUGUD YA PU ING GUINU ANYA IKAYUNG GOVERNOR MI. Panalangin da ko pu. God bless yu.

  9. the best ka talaga among ED…wag po kayong bibitaw, GOD BLESS U… bise gov. mag coach na lang kayo don ka bagay…..

  10. Allow me to quote a sentence from a noble person (whose name scaped me at the moment) saying, “For evil to thrive, good men shall do nothing.” ‘Yan ang nangyari sa ating bayan. Ang daming mabubuting taong nagpabaya kahit alam ang katutuhanan na karamihan sa mga politiko ngayon ay sumabak sa politika hindi upang magsilbi sa bayan kundi upang magkaroon ng kapangyarihan at magkamal ng limpak limpak na kayamanan kahit sa ano mang paraan, KAHIT BRIBE MONEY from the “powers that be” upang silay pigilang magsalita sa katotohanan o papagsalitain pabor sa nagbigay ng pabuya. Siguro dahil ang iba ay takot sa banta ng buhay kapag babangga sa mga may kapangyarihan. Ang mga kabataan takot sumama sa mga rally dahil bala ang haharapin nila o di kaya’y mga water canons.

    Si Gov. Ed Panlilio ay iba. He stands for what is right. Kaya lahat ng mga Governors at Congressmen na sanay nang tumanggap ng malalaking halaga ay galit sa kanya dahil nabuko sila ni Gov. Panlilio sa kinasanayan na nila.

    I will support in prayer Gov. Panlilio so that he will be able to endure whatever persecutions he may get for standing in righteousness. The Bible says, “Don’t be afraid for whatever can kill your body. Be afraid of Him who can kill your body and spirit.” Sana huwag siyang matakot at sabihin lang niya ang katutuhanan. Huwag siyang matakot sa tao, matakot siya sa Diyos na Siyang hahatol sa lahat ng tao sa tamang panahon. God bless you Gov. Ed. Be strong in the knowledge and Might of the Lord. As long as you stand in righteousness, God, Who is the author of righteousness will never leave you nor forsake you.

  11. I support the good but now embattled FATHER GOB. Gov’t leaders should adhere to HIS principles, leaders like him is what our country needs if we want to achieve progress and be freed fron all the problems and hardships we are facing. Let us pray that all evil leaders evaporates whenever they tell lies or let themselves be used by anyone to cover up of it’s wrong doings much more to hold on to power they don’t even deserve. LONG LIVE FATHER GOB. !!!!! WE NEED MORE OF YOUR KIND ! MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !!!!!!!

  12. People who love their children and our country must come out and support government officials who have displayed honesty and sincerity in public service, like Gov. Ed Panlilio. Senior Citizens like me must let their voice be heard and inspire their children/grand children and leave a lasting legacy of the value of honesty. Corruption has flourished in the government because people has long been complacent. Let’s act now while there is still time to save our country otherwise we will be doomed. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES.

  13. Magandang araw po!
    Kami pong mga OFW dito sa Iran ay taos pusong sumusuporta kay Gov. Panlilio.
    Nawa’y patnubayan sana ang sambayanang Pilipinas!

  14. Among Ed. I’m proud to say that I voted for you and so much prouder to say that you have been doing our province and the country such an honorable and remarkable service by living true to your principles and values. You have my utmost support as well as that of my family! God bless you always in all your endeavors!

  15. Some people casually justify their apathy to Gloria Arroyo’s corruption, among other evils, by asking a simple question, ie, “…sino papalit?” If you look at our political history and beyond, you’ll realize that the line of succession is littered with the so-called “trapos”. Then you’ll realize further that a change in leadership is but an exercise in futility and that we would rather keep the status quo. This painful political reality is among the few factors that extend the life of Gloria Arroyo’s moribund administration. However, some of us never ceased to hope and pray for the advent of someone who would once for all slay the devil in our midst like the angel that he is. Lo and behold, we have Governor Fr. Among Panlilio fighting against the humdrum evils of Gloria Arroyo and her ilk with the sword of truth. As the battle between the forces of good and evil rages on, let us not be mere spectators. Let us fight alongside Fr. Among Panlilio to finally break the line of sinister succession and usher in the kind of political system that we deserve. At last, the answer to the question is at hand!

  16. There will always be hard times ahead of you and choosing God’s path may not be easy but remember that a lot of people support you. I admire your courage and sincerity. In the end, God is your ruler and king. He’ll look favorably on you for doing His bid and helping His children. Be strong and remember we are praying for you.

  17. Among Ed,
    kami po na mga taga dammam Saudi Arabia ay sumosuporta sa iyo. isa kang huwaran.

    kay vice gov. guio, maawa ka naman sa mga kababayan mo. ngaypon lang nagkaroon ng lider na matapat. puro sarili nyo lang ang iniisip mo.

  18. God is with Among Ed, he will shrug-off black propaganda mastered by his associate. I am not from pampanga but indeed a Filipino who truly believes with Among Ed and I am a Filipino who longed for a change in our government at least by start in this province. I just do hope that the entire Church has to step in for our country as whole.

    Even I am not kapampamngan I’m proud of what is happening in there.

  19. Gov Panlillio,
    Please continue your cruzade to do what is right and noble, there are still many of us who will stand for what is noble.. Let us be one in contaminating government leaders to serve with utmost integrity.

    Philip I. Dael
    Cagayan de Oro City

  20. IF the governorship of Pampanga was not meant for Among Ed,
    surely, the PRESIDENCY of the republic is.

  21. gud day among gov kamusta ko pu!sana apansinan ye pu at abasa ini letter ku pu kekayo,ini maulaga ya bage pu kareni tao keni king Balitucan Magalang reni pu sana kekami eskwela at room makalunus lapu hitsura puro nala pu ane kilub at lual sana aksyunan yepu ken malaguang panahon bayu ita atin malyari matsura karen anak madisgrasya la mabalag in dutung karen buntuk ra in kailangan pu major repair lalo na ren bubong malalaso nala at kalawangan dahil mababa lapa kailangan in makisame la at anti murin in pinturahan la sana misan makapamasyal ko pu bakanita akit yu pu in tutu kalagayan ra ren room please among sopan yu ke pu ikayo mu pung makasaup kekami alanang aliwa pa ika pu in kekami pamuntuk ken mabilug kapampangan eyu kami paburen sana makapunta ko pu keni kekami skul salamat pu mayap a oras pu

  22. hwag na kasi sumali si RENE ROMERO ng ROMAC.alam lang nyan mandugas ng mga mangagawa.contractual na nga kakaltasan pa ng SSS,PAGIBIG,etc pgkatapos hindi naman ireremit.Mandurugas ka at mandarambong!ang liit na nga ng pasweldo mo ganyan pa ang gagawin mo!hoholdapin mo pa sila.kaya ka isinuka ng Angeles dahil kilalang kilala na ang BAHO mo dito.hindi ka lang napagbgyan ni Among ED todo kontra kana.paki remit mo yung mga SSS nakinaltas mo sa mga trabahador mo.hwag ka nang makipagareglo sa labor sa mga kaso mo sa DOLE.

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