Dear Fellow Filipino,

I hope you can spare us a few minutes of your time.

With the Elections of 2010 fast approaching, time is running out for us to choose well. Old faces… could it be that they got us to where we are now? Almost everywhere you go, people are tired of the old faces, old establishments, old ties and old players that seem to be our only options. People ask, “eto na lang ba?” We say, “why settle?” We’ve been doing that time in and time out and look where it has gotten us.

We personally believe we deserve better choices. We deserve to be given an opportunity to choose good leaders. While there is always a big premium on voters education and getting people to register, one of the loudest arguments against this is – “eh, wala namang pagpipilian – bakit pa?” We believe that Filipinos are not stupid – not bobo. Given a chance to vote for leaders who have an uncompromising stand against graft, make the most use of our scarce and limited resources not for personal gain but to deliver the services needed by the people, political will to make difficult and unpopular yet much needed decisions for the good of the country, will not coddle and protect the corrupt, consistently embody ethical principles, practice good governance and endeavor to be effective public servants, have a heart genuinely for the people, we Filipinos will go out and vote – and vote wisely. Given the chance, we will do what’s right.

We hope you can join us in urging Governors Grace Padaca and Among Ed Panlilio to run for the highest positions in the land. Governor Padaca is a victim of polio and needs crutches to walk but despite this she is best known for having fought against well-entrenched powers in Isabela and for winning the elections without use of guns, gold and goons. In her 5 years as governor of one of the top rice-producing provinces of the Philippines, she has tirelessly worked for the betterment of the lives of her constituents and has improved the conditions of Isabela so much so that today, Isabelinos enjoy the fruits of the rice and corn price stabilization program of Gov. Grace, among the many other improvements she has instituted in her province. Last year, Gov. Padaca was awarded one of Asia’s highest honors, the Ramon Magasaysay Award for Government Service.

Governor Panlilio’s coming into power in Pampanga is a testament to the Filipinos’ desire to reclaim their land. Having won against reputedly the biggest illegal gambling lord in the country and the quarry-king of Central Luzon, Among Gov reclaimed for the Capampangans a sense of pride that they can choose good leaders who go beyond only selfish desires. Today, as he serves the people of Pampanga, he continues to be an inspiration to those who wish to do good and fight against the system of corruption no matter how difficult. Just last month, Pampanga won the Gawad Galing Pook Award for Outstanding Local Government Unit due to Among Ed’s leadership.

Many say that the biggest problem in Philippine society today is not so much economic. Poverty is not the biggest challenge we face, rather, it is a growing cynicism of people and mistrust in government. A lot have lost hope that government can work for them and that our government leaders have the interest of the people as their primordial concern.. We do not need mediocre public servants, we do not need intellectuals who will remain silent and choose to abstain on crucial matters and not stand up for what is right. We are tired of compromised leaders who first seek to appease and repay their financiers, their supporters and their allies before thinking of country. What we need are those who will stand up for the people and promote the people’s agenda, not their own or that of their allies and families only.

If you believe that we Filipinos deserve better and that we should be given better options in our choice for leaders, join us in this petition. Send us your name, contact information and location if you think Among Gov and Gov Grace should run for president and vice-president. You may send these to graceamong.thebetterchoice@gmail. com. While it might seem like a fight between David and Goliath at this point, we believe that nothing is impossible with the Filipino.

Join us as we dream and work for a better Philippines! Is genuine reform possible in the Philippines? We think so.

Atty. Eirene Aguila

Isang e-zine para sa mga kabataang Pilipino ang Naglalathala ito ng mga personal na sanaysay, tula, dula, maikling kuwento, balita at lathalain, komentaryo tungkol sa pambansang usapin, at iba...

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  1. Here’s a growing political movement back home that might just bring back decency and fairness in the government. I have a feeling that a groundswell of support coming from Pinoys all over the world will just become the crucial tipping point necessary to restore the long-lost feeling of pride and love of country by many.

    For all its worth, kindly pass on to all self-respecting Filipino acquaintances.

  2. Don’t Break the Chain of Change

    Nang manalo si Barack Obama dahil sa mensahe niyang “change” o pagbabago, naging bukambibig na ito ng mga pulitiko at karaniwang tao na para bang ngayon lang nila ito narinig. At kahit malayo-layo pa ang official campaign period, kanya-kanya ng labas ng slogans at statements ang mga pumuposisyon para sa darating na 2010 election.


    Ang totoo, narinig ko na ang mensaheng iyan noon pa mang 2004 presidential elections. Isa ako sa naki-sigaw, naki-kanta, naki-rally, naki-rally, naki-busina, naki-dikit, naki-kaway, at naki-kapit-bahay para ihayag ang mensahe ng pagbabago. Suot ang dilaw na kamiseta habang winawagayway ang dilaw na panyo, dilaw na banderitas, o kahit anong dilaw na lang, walang katulad ang maibandera nang buong dangal na may mga Pilipinong tumutugon sa hamon ng pagbabago. Sa pamamagitan ni Bro. Eddie Villanueva, ito ang mensahe noon ng Bangon Pilipinas.

    Sa pag-usad ng mga taon, ito pa rin ang hamon ngayon para sa isang Bagong Pilipinas! At naniniwala akong si Bro. Eddie Villanueva pa rin ang dapat manguna rito. Dahil hindi huminto ang kanyang maalab na paninindigan para ibangon ang dangal ng sambayanang Pilipino, mula noon hanggang ngayon.

    Kung kaisa ka sa hangarin na ituloy ni Bro. Eddie Villanueva ang nasimulan na niyang laban para sa pagbangon at pagbabago ng Pilipinas, ipakita natin ang suporta sa kanya. Tawagin na lamang natin itong, Chain of Change!

    Paano? Sa pag-reply, wag kaligtaang ilista ang iyong pangalan, lugar, edad (pwede na ring ilagay na “voter” kung ayaw mabisto). At i-forward mo ito sa lahat ng iyong kaibigan, kakilala, ka-email, ka-facebook, ka-friendster, ka-multiply, ka-egroup, kapuso, at kapamilya ~ kahit nasa ibang bansa sila! Wag mo ring kaligtaan na isama ako sa padadalhan!

    Kung talagang gusto natin ng pagbabago, maki-alam tayo. At sa sama-sama nating pagkilos, talagang may pag-asa pa para sa isang bagong Pilinas … ang isang bagong Pilipino!

  3. last 2004 election me and my church Jesus the Messiad church gulod cabuyao laguna supported bro eddie at ngaung 2010 we still suport bro eddie we need change now go bro eddie God bless the Philippines Bangon Pilipinas

  4. As I myself strongly believe the moraly-upryt presidency of bro eddie lets all suport the automation and computerization of 2010 election.This colectiv move cud minimize if nt totaly prevent widespread election fraud & cheating being done by dis MONSTROUS Aroyo govt. W/o dis our long-tym dream for our dear nation wud be quixotic.

  5. para kay bro. eddie villanueva lubos ang aking suporta alam kung ang katulad nya ang kailangan na maging lider ng ating kinawawang bansa dahil sa kawalan ng katarongan at garapalan na pangungorakot ng bawat nauupong lider.nais kung maihayag ang aking nag hihinagpis na damdamin naway mag kaisa ang lahat ng pilipino para sa tunay na pag babago vote for bro. eddie villanueva.

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