The past three Decembers in our university had always made me ecstatic about the coming holidays–the tiangges, the concerts, the carolfest, the org parties, the exchange gifts. This year, had the annual lantern parade been pushed through, I would have also had the moment to reveal my affection to a girl.

I had it all planned. Once I got my allowance, I bought a pair of green rubber shoes, camouflaged short and cap, a black necklace, a body spray, a blackhead remover and even a skin moisturizer. I was very willing to look like a cool handsome rocker for a night. No offense to the broadsheet that gives me money, but it is only once in a blue moon that I purchase something for my outer self as my usual expenses are for the microtapes, AA batteries and photocopying.

So see, I was really both excited and scared of what I would say on that day because she’d either accept or reject my “love.” But what the heck, I just want her to know that I like her. But it is very important to have that perfect timing–the “moment,” if you will. The revelation of anything–“you’re gay,” “you flunked an exam,” “you have a mistress,” etc.–could be treated like a thesis proposal. You have to strategize it, plan your methodology, timetable and budget.

In my case, my objective was to get the attention of the anime chick I’ve been implicitly dating for a year. So I bought two cap pins of the Naruto love team characters–Sasuke and Sakura. The plan: I’m going to pin the Sakura cap to her bag strand as I say “I hope you don’t mind my little gift.” Then she’ll probably say, “Oi, thanks, ha!” Then I’ll pin the Sasuke pin to my bag and say, “I’ll be Sasuke. You’ll be Sakura.” Then while she is caught on the thought, I’ll say it: “I like you (girl’s name), if you only knew.”

Yeah, it may be cheesy but I just really like her. Too bad that an hour before I left the house, she sent me a message that the lantern parade was cancelled by the much loved Chancellor Sergio Cao. The event was deferred to prevent dangers on public safety because the Board of Regents–without the faculty and student regent–passed the P1000 per unit tuition hike that morning.

From Makati, I found myself in UP College of Law, casually clad amid the red shirts chanting: “BOR, Taksil sa Kabataan!”

Jerald, 21, is a fourth year journalism student of the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

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