When we talk about population, we usually hear negative things. And why not? Our population has grown so much. In time, we might not have enough resources to sustain life.

More people mean more resources, more waste, more pollution and possibly more destruction. Many people simply reproduce and multiply without thinking of the future. People may be ignorant or simply complacent but either way, both groups add to our population problem.

Every time we talk about population, we think of solutions such as family planning, population control, health education and so on. All we do is talk and propose solutions but nothing seems to work.

In this country, I don’t think we are capable of controlling anything, least likely our population. But I believe there is a solution to this problem.

One important factor is internal government. Though it is difficult for us to follow simple rules like stopping at the red light, I believe we can still work at it.

I recently attended a youth service in Alabang where the speaker spoke of three significant things about internal government, two of which I share to you.

First, we cannot govern others if we cannot even govern ourselves. We have all these proposals, suggested laws and plans but if we want people to cooperate with us, we should set an example. If we show people that we can obey simple rules then we can show them the importance of following our proposed solutions and finally convince people to care and cooperate. Everyone is part of the problem and everyone can be a solution.

Second, the more internal government we have, the less external government will be required. We need not only to inform the people of what they have to do but also convince them to support our proposed solutions. To govern ourselves is the least we can do.

We can blame others for the population growth but doing so would not necessarily be a solution to the problem. We can put the blame on ourselves for a change and see how we can be part of the solution. Young or old, anyone can play a significant role. Let us not withhold the one thing we can contribute: internal government.

Danielle, 17, is a second year student taking up BS Management Engineering

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