To: Philippine Congress

We are young Filipinos who wish to manifest our opposition to the Charter change proposal of the government.

Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has connived with other traditional politicians to railroad this initiative in order to avoid accountability to the legitimate charges of poll fraud, corruption and human rights abuses she is facing today.

We are appalled that the recommendations for the new Charter involve the deletion of progressive provisions in the 1987 Constitution. We are worried about the proposal to open our economy, education, media and natural resources to foreign exploration and ownership. We decry the self-serving support of many lawmakers to cancel the 2007 elections which would subvert the original mandate given by the people to them.

We affirm our resolve that the most acceptable and reasonable solution to the political impasse in the country today is the removal of Mrs. Arroyo from power. We can then proceed to the task of rebuilding our nation, which may include the review of our Constitution.


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  1. mpagpalayang pagbati po,wala na talaga tayong pagasa kay GMA,dahil sa 1017,MARSYAL law…dakip dito dakip don manipestasyoin lang na paninikiol sa ating lehitinong protesta.

  2. dapat lang na huwag payagan na maamenyadahan ang cha-cha sapagkat lalo lang hahaba ang pagiging diktador nya mabuhay ang pilipino

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