“Fatherland raped motherhood and told her it was for the global good..” – Frent”

What better reason to wake from a self-imposed hiatus from any kind of reflex writing/ranting (aside from the usual daily press release, another reason actually for my so-called mental block) than to hear of a Filipina gang-raped by at least five US Marines?

What better way to react than how anamorayta did when I broke the news to her, “Mummy, it’s so eighties!” (with appropriate expletives).

Straight from the Twilight Zone, that is. I was too young to notice, much less be angry about anything during the eighties but I’ve seen enough of stuff like these in Minsan may isang gamu-gamo (“My brother is not a pig!”) to conclude that this country is going to the pigs. Or rather, has already gone and so far off towards achieving self-destruction.

It is also so sixties, seventies, nineties, American colonial/neo-colonial era, period. Rape as one of the most gruesome crimes is as ageless as imperialist dominance. Last I checked, rape is still a universal crime worthy of a quick and impartial trial in any court of law. What makes this case unique (but not isolated; numerous similar cases against US troops worldwide remain unsolved to this day) is that it underlines rape’s definition of being a test of superiority, the rapist overpowering the victim.

All other arguments–that the 22-year-old was a prostitute, that she drunk herself to oblivion, that she had it coming, that she is merely coming out now because she wants to extract more money from the GIs–are immaterial and, if I may say so, downright dim. These do not even figure anywhere in the equation.

Pig-huggers (for lack of a better name to call them) bring these on to prevent the real issue from emanating. The real score: the nationalities of the rapists and the victim and their status on Philippine soil cannot be discounted. This case has finally brought to the core atrocities that should have been first priority in the government’s calibrated pre-emptive measures. It has given proper limelight to the likes of Vice President Teofisto Guingona who has long expressed apprehension over one-sided US-Philippines military treaties. If anyone is entitled to their I-told-you-sos it would be him and others who played a part in kicking out US bases in 1991 and against the ratification of the Visiting Forces Agreement in 1999.

Now, while the Department of Foreign Affairs chooses to keep mum over the matter and Malacanang is scrambling to clarify its (lack of) criminal jurisdiction, the “sextet” are safely locked from the public’s scorn. Same thing, while the case is clearly more than a criminal one but involves a test of national sovereignty, pig-huggers in the palace are advising Filipinos to “stay calm” and dangling repercussions of a diplomatic downer in front of our outrage.

And why not? US hand has figured in every dismal nook of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s so-called strong republic. Heck, it is even now responsible for Mrs. Arroyo’s political survival for no other cost than outright subservience to US dictates on political and economic policies.

To enumerate:

It was not Ramos who was the real knight-in-shining-armor when he responded to Mrs. Arroyo’s distress call last June. It was Ramos’ long and sustaining agenda for a Cha-Cha and a federal form of government that the US strongly supports.

Payback time was when the government secretly signed the controversial Venable LLP contract to administer the lobbying of the Cha-Cha to US officials. This, however, caused much furor when exposed that it had to take backseat lest the growing anti-Arroyo movement erupt into a full-fledged anti-imperialist front.

After a “sorry” performance during the wake of the “Hello Garci” scandal, Mrs. Arroyo seemed to have mustered needed bravado to unleash her fascist retribution after presiding over the UN Security Council Meet in New York. End result: the calibrated pre-emptive response, omnipotent excutive orders, cold-blooded political killings, and an overbroad anti-terror bill being railroaded in Congress patterned after the post-9/11 US Patriot Act.

More payback. Mrs. Arroyo has finally taken it into herself to implement the long-overdue expanded value added tax (EVAT) Law — a thing that the International Monetary Fund-World Bank has pestered her with for the longest time. The EVAT Law, as part of her so-called ‘eight-revenue measures,’ will generate enough income to pay up a substantial amount of foreign debt acquired through years of heavy borrowing. Biggest burden: taxpayers. Biggest debtor: the US.

Come to think of it, the gang-rape case against the 22-year-old Filipina and similar other atrocities have only served to illustrate how Filipinos have been ravished by imperialist dominance over the years. And how past and present governments (especially Mrs. Am-Girl Arroyo’s) seem to thrive on making the Filipino people unsuspecting victims.

Come to think of it, the sextet is Mrs. Arroyo’s very own Twilight Zone. Her worst nightmare. Worse than, say, the risk she had to take when she had no choice but to pullout Filipino troops to rescue Angelo de la Cruz’ hide.

This time, she pulls out the troops, she loses everything. And if does, she still has to try them in Philippine courts–an even worse nightmare.

Either way, she would wish she never wakes up.

This article was first posted on the Young Radicals blog.

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