* My apologies to J.J. Abrams for borrowing his characters and for the analogy.

Dear Garci, ehrm, Sally,

You know how your life can change overnight with just one simple decision? That’s just what happened to us. It’s amazing how a second envelope or phone calls to an election officer could change the course of this country. I barely had time to breathe before another congressman is bribed to pull out his/her vote for the impeachment.

Anyway, it’s crazy out here, especially with Meghan around. She’s my roommate again this year. But you know what, however weird or wicked she gets, she still doesn’t fair with Gloria. She’s the most conniving, evil person I have ever met. She has her bucktooth smile up her ears, thinking she won over us this time. But my friend says not to worry cause she’s getting her karma these days, digital karma at that.

Moving on. It’s weird not to be friends with Julie anymore. She thinks I betrayed her over Ben. Which is probably true, except for the fact that I just did what my heart told me to do. God, I sound so Dinky Soliman. You know what happened to her and Gloria right? Just as the old man in the subway said, maybe we were never best friends to begin with. The same goes with Gloria and Dinky so people should stop talking nonsense about this betrayal of trust crap. I’m done with these forlorn, poker-faced I am sorry speeches.

You know how you left when John died? That’s probably how a better number of our people just want to move out of this country. To start over and just forget about these things. I remember what you said about changes. You said that the hardest part about moving forward is not looking back.

I can’t not look back, Sally. I can’t not look for reasons behind things. I can’t heed the call for status quo. I can’t not make Gloria pay for her evil ways. I can’t dissuade the truth. I just can’t. I can’t compromise myself that way. So I’ll probably hang on out here for a while and see what life has in store for us.

Do tell me about your trips to Singapore and London. I’d love to hear from you.

Talk back soon, okay?


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