Despite the news that it was the “hardest decision” she has ever made, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo certainly wasted no time in granting a pardon to deposed president Joseph Ejercito Estrada, just as the latter and his lawyers requested a few days ago. The fake president gave Erap executive clemency which basically fully restores his civil and political rights. Amazing, since as far as I know, Erap admitted to no crime at all and certainly didn’t pay any of his debts to the society.

Every moment in all the six years of the courtroom drama has been trashed with just a quick yet grand political move–under the guise of reconciliation–of the midget in the palace in order to save her already scorched skin. In the blink of an eye and the wave of a wand, a person convicted of plunder has been released out in the open even before he served a day of his sentence. Take that, Richard Nixon!

So why did we even go through the whole process of prosecuting someone who we never really intended to punish wholly anyway? Why did we waste sweat and tears during the uprising in 2001 just to let this thing happen? What happened to the government’s so-called staunch stand against corruption if the one big fish we caught goes free without even being imprisoned (and a mansion is not a prison–not even close)? Why did we even spend lots of time and millions of money going through something we never really intended to see through to the end? How’s that for the Philippine justice system?

I honestly felt betrayed. It was like having to trust on your friend–not that GMA is my friend–to save your ass from falling off the cliff, him taking your hand and posing as if to pull you from danger, then all of a sudden releasing his grip and watching your terrified face as you fall. The feeling of relief vanished just as quickly as it came. GMA killed the very essence and spirit of People Power 2 and the Sandiganbayan verdict. What ever happened to that survey the palace was supposed to be conducting to get the pulse of the masses regarding the pardon anyway? Did she really take that into consideration?

Everything has defeated its purpose now, and all these are really just a fool’s show. GMA granted the pardon in a hurry to save her own skin.

Pero hindi bobo ang masa, Gloria!

It may have been, as they say, a means to cover up for the administration’s anomalies. I don’t know. Maybe. All I know is that this presidential pardon is a mockery and bastardization of justice, and a gross injustice, however you look at it. I have been, as how the others put it, had. It’s a hard slap to my face. Moreover, it’s a vicious insult to my senses. And it hurts. A lot.

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  1. I just can’t imagine how some of the senators mingle with Erap on his homecoming soiree, tapos they brag in public na justice has been served. Serve niyo tae. Pffft.

    Anyway, one day glory lang naman yan. And you know what bathalumang shari? We should not prattle further about the pardon as a major issue to be the ‘must-talk-about’ since it’s very obvious na dina-divert na naman tayo ni GMA about the bombing investigation.

    F*ck talaga siya.

  2. Ikaw ang fuck. Bakit mo idadamay si Gloria sa bombing eh accident nga ang nangyari. Puro hate ang namamayani sa puso mo kaya ang bayan natin puro hate na lang sa bawa’t isa ang namamayani.

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