I remember that my mother used to tell me before that the songs “Got to Believe in Magic” and “King and Queen of Hearts” are the template songs that high schoolers dance in their promenades or graduation balls. I have to support her statement, for these songs were played during my own formal dance, which was not too long ago. I did dance to its tune, and I have to admit, these songs still carry the meaning even though it was released a long time ago.

But this article is not really about promenades, or one’s first kiss or first love. Recently some of my friends back from the Philippines were in uproar about the issue of Charter Change. I can still remember how Cha-cha was an issue I think during Ramos’ term -– I was about to enter high school that time. Who would have thought that a decade after, some people will revive Cha-cha’s beat and invite everyone to dance with them?

Sadly I think the steps are out of fashion. People in the government should try something new. Something better. Something that will not make them –- and us -– look stupid.

I believe that the Philippines deserves a lot better than the traditional politicians that are currently enjoying their seats in their offices. Whether the Filipino people put them there, or these trapos put themselves there, I have no idea. The Filipinos can complain all they want, too. One could propose to start the change within ourselves, or try to re-do the system altogether. But at the end of the day, if it’s only a small group of people who will mobilize themselves; if it’s a huge number of people who are in public office and are having a grand time corrupting the system; if there’s a considerable number of people who will not even try to understand what this whole “dance craze” is all about and how it will affect the people and the country, then pardon this pun but ako mismo ang magsasabi, nothing good’s going to materialize, and the country will end up in shambles (if it isn’t already).

I try to avoid talking about politics. I guess it is one area that makes me feel frustrated because I can totally see the problem, but for some reason the solutions are hard to find, or even harder to implement. But I cannot stand the idea that my Inang Bayan is being abused by its citizens. I can spend an entire day pointing out what is wrong and suggest what needs to be done, but I will spare everyone that agony. Nevertheless, this is not the time to worry about other people’s sexual preferences and hold a Senate hearing about it. This is the time that we should again feel concern toward the Philippines. I know a lot of people stopped caring because they deemed their efforts to be futile, due to a number of factors. I know a lot of people think that another (EDSA) revolution will not work. I know a lot of people don’t even know what is going on, and I know a lot of people will only care now and will stop doing so if they get immediate rewards for their actions. Some want to do something but they cannot even do it. It is a sad reality that we have here, and I know, because I used to not care for years.

I know that there is nothing much for me to do, but here I am typing this away. I am sick of people in authority playing games, making fool of the Filipino people. I am tired of having my kababayan react strongly when foreigners point out what is wrong with us and our country, and yet we just let it pass when fellow Filipinos are the ones trying to show us what the country’s ailments are. We are not high schoolers anymore, and we cannot always “believe in magic.” One thing is for sure though, and I have said this before to friends: “Kapag pinasayaw ka ng Cha-cha, dapat ang sabihin mo, ‘I’ll never gonna dance again.'” Dance to the right beat folks, and make sure you’re doing the right steps.

Angela Solis

Angela has been writing for Tinig.com since its inception. She finished her Psychology degree at the University of Manitoba and is currently completing her graduate school entrance requirements in Japanese...

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