The Kabataan Partylist has criticized President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and TEAM Unity’s new political gimmick for its candidates, saying the administration slate’s memory aid should have been ‘SASAMA PA KIDZ MOR,’ not ‘MAGS PARA SA KIDZ.’

“Mrs. Arroyo must be suffering from memory loss. How can she claim that her government is ‘investing for the future and the young generation’ if her education and economic policies actually lead to a growing number of dropouts and out-of-school youth and unemployed new graduates?” Kabataan Partylist President and First Nominee Raymond Palatino said.

On the contrary, Palatino said, Arroyo’s TEAM Unity imparts wrong values to young Filipinos.

“How can a party that is mostly composed of turncoats, the President’s political clients and lawmakers who tried to conceal the truth during the last impeachment trials be for the kids and the youth?”

“They serve as bad examples to young Filipinos. We fear that if these Malacanang lackeys will get elected in this elections, bribery, cheating, stealing and lying that marked the last Presidential elections will just be customary part of Philippine politics in the future. Their brand of politics goes against any acceptable standard of morality and will afflict the generations of Filipinos to come if we will not do anything to stop it,” he pointed out.

“By electing these unprincipled candidates in Senate, we will only be teaching Filipino children that what they did in concealing the truth in the 2004 elections and supporting the President was actually right and warrant reward.”

‘MAGZ PARA SA KIDZ’ is an acronym for TEAM Unity’s senatorial candidates.

Meanwhile, Palatino said the only thing the youth could actually wish for Arroyo on her 60th birthday is peace of mind and clean conscience.

“This is probably the best gift Arroyo can give to herself and the nation as she marks one of her life’s milestones. But the only way she could have these if she will finally admit all of her wrongdoings in the 2004 elections.”

He added that the unity that the president wants can only be realized if calls for reconciliation are based on sincerity and repentance.

“It starts with a remorseful spirit and the humility to step down from power. We pray that Arroyo will use this season to reflect and find these things in her heart.” –

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