Independent poll watchdog Kontra Daya has called on citizens to join a “Jericho March” on April 22 that will go to and around the Commission on Elections office in Intramuros, Manila.

Activist priest Fr. Joe Dizon, a convenor of Kontra Daya, said that the “Jericho March” spearheaded by religious groups will denounce “a grand design to make the elections fail.”

“The ‘Jericho March’ will be an expression of the kind of vigilance that we are urging the people to exercise, especially when worst-case scenarios like a failure of elections takes place,” said Fr. Dizon

“It will be a practice run for actions that we may have to stage after the elections,” he added.

Kontra Daya has urged the public to remain vigilant against any attempt to cause a failure of the elections and subsequently the perpetuation of the Arroyo regime in power. ( is a group effort of Filipinos from various fields and disciplines who, through new and social media, wish to share their different thoughts and views in the...

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