QUEZON CITY — Some rely on just their surnames to carry them to Japan and, hopefully, a better life. A group here wants to help.

Since August, the Federation of Nikkei-Jin Kai Philippines Inc. is undertaking a poll of Shin-Nikkei-jin (Japanese descendant) in the Philippines who were abandoned by their Japanese fathers.

The federation of 16 groups spread throughout the archipelago perceives these people to number in the thousands but government statistics remain unavailable or inaccurate.

The Philippine government and Japan have no record of the number of neglected Japanese descendants in the country because their birth certificates show their citizenship as Filipino.

Worse, some Japanese fathers refuse to recognize these children as from their blood despite the Filipino mother declaring otherwise.

Like the mother of 17-year-old Shilla-Mei Murakami who brought her to the office of federation-member Manila-Central Luzon NIPPI (Japan-Philippines) Association Inc. for inclusion into the group’s census.

“I want to meet my father and work in Japan,” said Murakami, a single mother to a seven-month old baby.

The five-foot Murakami stopped going to school after getting pregnant during her senior year. She works as a waitress in a coffee shop in Quezon City while living with her mother, who has since retired from working as an entertainer in Japan.

Beside her is 13-year-old Toshiyuki Ito Jr., who is more fortunate: he was able to meet his father.

Since Ito’s Japanese father was an entertainment promoter in Japan, he would make it a point to visit the young Ito when he was in Manila despite separating from the mother in 1996. The young Ito was just three years old that time.

He said they went to the federation’s office to seek help since his father has stopped seeing him since December 2000.

Murakami and Ito were among the 16 Shin-Nikkei-jins who registered with the MCLNAI the day that the group began its intensive search for an estimated 100,000 Japanese descendants in the country.

The federation expects to confirm that number when they reveal partial results by November this year.

Poled poll
THE Federation said it launched its nationwide three-month survey to determine the number of Shin-Nikkei-jins in the country and to help these new descendants to acquire Japanese nationality, work in Japan later on, or seek financial assistance from their Japanese parent.

Those who would register in any of the federation’s chapter offices in Quezon City, province of Iloilo and the cities of Baguio, Cebu, Zamboanga, Iligan, Cotabato and Davao, would automatically be included in the list of “and presumed as” Shin-Nikkei-jins.

Japanese descendants in the Philippines could be classified into two. There’re the Nikkei-jin, or those who were born before and during the second World War.

Shin-Nikkei-jin are those born after the war, specifically in the mid-80s, when Japanese-Filipino intermarriages increased as a result of the large number of entertainers working in Japan.

Shin-Nikkei-jins wanting to be included in that list fills up a form that bares their life history in connection with their Japanese lineage: name, birthday, and address in Japan of their father, etc.

Murakami and Ito’s mothers clutch between their fingers a Manila envelope carrying other supporting documents: birth certificate signed by the Japanese father recognizing the child as his own, marriage contract, and a photograph of the Japanese parent.

Getting registered into the federation’s database is free and hoped to gain for the descendants recognition of rights enjoyed by a Japanese citizen.

But Lourdes Yamaoka-Medina said they couldn’t promise that.

Not all the new descendants who would come to our office could be recognized as Japanese nationals, the 68-year-old MCLNAI Manila Chapter president said.

Hope census
STATISTICS from Japan showed that from 1993 to 2004, children born between Japanese and Filipino couples and registered in the Family Registry numbered 60,307. However, the number of Shin-Nikkei-jins could be much higher as illegitimate children are unaccounted for.

Based on the 2003 NSO record of marriages in the Philippines, among the 17,095 intermarriages between Filipino brides and grooms with foreign nationals, Japanese grooms have the highest number at 5,468.

During the same year, 155 Japanese women married Filipinos, the statistics office added.

Yamaoka-Medina said while parents or the Shin-Nikkei-jins themselves could register with the federation anytime, the group will come up with the initial number of new Japanese descendants in the Philippines by November this year.

The result will be submitted to the Japanese embassy in Manila for possible action of the Japanese government to assist Shin-Nikkei-jins acquire Japanese nationality or locate their Japanese parent.

“I hope the federation can help us process the papers of my two children and gain recognition by the Japanese government as Japanese nationals so that when they grow up and decide to work in Japan, they will be allowed,” said Luz Marbella, 36, from Sorsogon.

Marbella, who is now married to a Filipino, is a mother of 9-year old boy and 7-year old girl, who she said are both Shin-Nikkei-jins.

She is not married to the father of her two children because he has his own family in Japan. However, Marbella, who worked as entertainer in Japan, said the Japanese recognized her kids as his children through the birth certificates that were submitted to the Philippine National Statistics Office (NSO).

The children, however, are not registered under the Japanese Family Registry or Koseki of their father. Filipino-Japanese children included in the Koseki of their Japanese father can easily acquire Japanese nationality.

Under Japanese law, all households are required to report births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and criminal convictions to their local authority, which compiles the information into a detailed family tree that encompasses everyone within their jurisdiction.

If those pieces of information are not recorded in the Koseki, the Japanese government does not officially acknowledge them.

Still, Yamaoka-Medina said they have taken the first steps to reach this goal. –Tricia Marcelo, OFW Journalism Consortium


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  1. iam turning 20 y/o next month…. my father’s name is yoshiharu noma, 8 years ago since ng last time na nakasama ko sya after nun nawala nalang bigla . ang birth certificate ko po ay nakalagay ay masaaki shiki whom my mom married. ayaw po makipag cooperate ng mom ko sa iba pang details, di po klaro if anong reason thou nasa japan naman ang mom ko. please help me out naman po i simply want to mit my dad, i know he knows me….dahil yun pong kapatid ko na mit na nya ang papa nya. wla akong kapasidad po para mag gastos dahil nde naman po ako mayaman. di ko after na makapunta ng japan ang gusto ko lang makasama sya or to atleast mit him sana po matulungan nyo ako..heres my email address its takashiperez@yahoo.com please po sana po makita nyo po kahit po yung records ng father ko (YOSHIHARU NOMA) dati po madalas sya dumalaw sa pilipinas

  2. please help my family were the 3rd generaton.our great japanese relatives named takeishi nishimoto..please help us….kaya lang ang way namin para makita namin sila…pease do text or call me in my number 09194289142….or in my landline number…053 5238592…..alam ko bukas ang mga palad nu para sa min….umaasa po…salamt….salamt……michelle from tacloban city…

  3. Im Yuki joy Kishimoto, 18 yrs old born last June 26,1990 from #26 daang bato, Lawangbato Valenzuela City.
    contact nos. 09228688996/09227196125/4320060.
    Just like them,im a half japanese longing for my dad.My dad and mom are married in Baguio City last June 6,1990.Im the eldest of three kids,and both of them are with my father,and im the one here in the philippines.I want to see my father Yoshitaka Kishimoto,my grandmother Masako Kishimoto,my grandfather Takatomo Kishimoto,and my two siblings Tomoko and Masashika.I have documents: marriage contract,certified copy of persons family register issued by the mayor of Toki City,Gifu Pref.for the consul-general of Japan Mutsuo Hosotomo issued June 1,1990,my Birth certificate here in the Phil.,Pictures of my family in Japan.Here are the addresses from the old letters: GIFU-KEN,TAGIMI-SHI TAIHE-CHO,I-CHOME,11 BANCHI FAMIRSINO,A-201,JAPAN TEL.0572-25-39-93; GIFU-KEN TOKI-SHI,URUSHI-CHO 141718-18 BANCHI 7509-52 JAPAN; KYOTO CITY KYOTO-YU TOKI CITY GIFU PREF JAPAN.Please help me to become a dual citizenship, see my family, support my educational needs and to work in Japan.Thank you and God bless!

  4. ako po ay may anak sa japanese nung taon 1991 .pero hindi po kami kasal sa dahilang may sarili syang pamilya..1993 kinasal ako sa japanese man at nag kaanak kami ng isang babae.
    ang problema ko lang po ay inampon na po sya ng asawa ko pero hindi po sya mailagay sa pag ka japanes citizen..hindi ko po alam kung ano ang gagawin ko sana matulungan po nyo ako sa aking problema ..god blees u

  5. hi I’m karen I’ve been looking for organization that could help me and my son,.. i have a 4 year old son and he’s a shin nikkei jin his japanesse father refused to register my son to his koseki because he’s married with the japanesse… please help me and let me know if there some ways for my son to experience the benefits of other japanese kids… kindly inform me or contact me with this # 09284564711

  6. hi im jo ann trinidad mother of kotomi ogue i recently apply the case of my daughter tomi in phil.shin nikkei jin im really hopping that you can help us…now shes 7years old and she always asking her father but i dont know how to tell her i lost communication to her father 4years ago since the lastime he come to philippines to visit us….she really wants to go to school thats y i work hard just to send her in better school…its really hard to be a single parent to raise a child alone but im happy doing my responsibility to her but now she really want to see her father……im still hopping something good will happened or any news from her father so we will know……many thanks to you all for giving us all a chance to fight or the ryt of our kids…….now its almost 7months that i apply and im not lossing hope that someday you will give us some result!!!!!!!!goodluck n godbless to you all!!!!!!!!!thank you….

  7. Hi,
    I have a relative who has a Japino daughter. I would like to know the mailing address, email address,
    Location and Tel/cell phone numbers in Cebu. Hoping I could help them out through your organization.
    Appreciate very much in advance for your kind help and prompt reply!
    Best Regards,

  8. H!! I’m Michael, the only thing I wanted to my father Hidesuke Okada is tohave a communication w/ him. I was shocked when or communication was stopped 6 yrs ago… i hope you can helped me.. I really loved my father but we don’t have any communication anymore.. send some message on my e-mail mikmik_catalyst@yahoo.com — THANK YOU

  9. There are organizations here in the Philippines that assist Japanese-Filipino children (JFC). One of them is Maligaya House. You may call them at 925-7843.

  10. Na search ko and net na ito sa paghahangad ko na mahanap ang solution sa problem ko.Tungkol ito sa akin anak na si Angela.Ako po ay nagtrabaho sa japan mula noong year 2001.Pabalik balik po ako sa omise ng halos 7 beses,ist time ko pa lang doon sa omise na iyon ,dun ko na meet ang tatay ng anak ko.Naging boyfriend ko sya ng tatlong taon,nakailang beses na din syang nakapunta dito sa pinas.Nabuntis ako sa japan habang nandun ako nagtatrabaho pero ng mag 3 months na sya kinailangan ko ng umuwi.Kasabay ko sya umuwi that time.Pag uwi nya,meron pa rin kaming communication 2 sa katunayan mula ng ipanganak ko ang baby namin sinuportahan nya ito,bagamat di sa umuuwi para makita ang anak niya,ipinadala ko ang birth certificate ng baby namin sa japan para mapirmahan nya ang acknowledgement of paternity bago i file sa NSO.Bumalik ang birth certificate na may pirma nya at naifile namin ito sa NSO na surname nya ang sinunod.After ng 2 yrs.old ng anak ko hindi na sya nagpadala mula noon at di na rin kami naguusap.Gusto ko sana humingi ng tulong para sa child support ng bata,at gusto ko rin malaman kung naipasok nya sa koseki ang bata.Akopo ay nagmamakaawa para inyong matulongan.

  11. mag 2 yrs old na anak ko sa hapon hangang ngayon di nya pa iknowlege anak nya nag tatago po sya sakin hawak ko yung koseki tohoun nya may laban po ba ako na hanapin kung san man sya naroon hindi rin sya nagsosoporta sa bata.gsto ko sana kung ayw nya tlaga magsoporta magtratrabaho ako ulit sa japan khit factory worker na kasama ang anak ko maari po ba yon?

  12. mitsuo kawawaki po yung father ng ank ko nagtatago po sya ano pong gagawin ko

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  14. my great grandfather was a japanese…now..am not aiming for anything..just want to know if we have other relatives back there in japan..an now..am studying BS_IS majoring in jap. studies here in mindanao kokusai daigaku in davao city..i was quite currious about this descendant stuff because we have a proj..knowing the status of me a fellow nikkie jins and how are they treated before and after world war2…and the population here in davao…as reading the articles..i was quite amazed….i thought before i was not a decendant because i belong to the 4th generation of our japanese fam,…hope you could help me know more about the other side of my family and some info about the nikkei jins situation here in the philippines because we cant deny the fact that we are many due to the past situation that has been made by out great great grand ancesstors…thanks..god bless..waiting for rely…(gosh,,,kanji way of writtings is so hard.but its omoshiroi…^_~?)

  15. im going to japan like perhaps this month already. ive waited for about 2 n half yrs to see my father and to get a citizenship to japan. finally the wait is over. im very happy. thanks to my agency BAWIIN KOKUSEKI. to know more this is my e-mail cas_ni6@yahoo.com

  16. im 33yrs old and i worked in japan for about year ago as entertainer and to make my story short i was married to a japanese businessman for about 4yrs and 4yrs of not seeing him since we say i do when he went back to japan and i was waited to finish my papers so i can go w/ him to japan but one night he called up and told me that he still can’t marry me bcoz her divorce wife doesnt knew about us i was really in shock, years passed everything has changed… i was confused i cant even go to japan again bcoz i was married to him and i want to end this situation i have so many question to be ask but i dont know where and who can i trust too i want to know about my legal rights.pls help me my email address in leenshoji@yahoo.com.I will be waiting to an answer thank you so much and God bless

  17. i have a niece who was born in japan and carrying a japanese passport, he was brought here in the philippines when he was 1 year old and now he’ll be turning 18 this june. we did not applied for his dual citizenship and now we are worried about his citizenship… will his japanese citizenship be revoked by not returning to japan for almost 17 years? will he not be permitted to go back to japan?please give us an answer, thanks.

  18. need po ng help matagal ko na po hinahanap father ko michihiko yasuda po ang name.gusto ko lang po sya makita para mabuo na pagkatao ko.mag 21 na po ako sa may 3 sana makita ko man lang itsura nya.maraming maraming salamat po gusto ko na po sya makita.

  19. Ako po ay napabilang na sa 3rdGen,well…
    ewan ko its very hard to state what really is going on,kasi po andaming nagaganap na kalokohan,which is they take advantage the japanese descendats like us here in mindanao due to the poverty,kasi po sa totoo lang ,anddaming mahirap hinde lng mahirap kundi sobrang mahihirap na mga japanese descendats dito sa mindanao na naghahangad na mkapunta sa japan,sa ibat ibang rason,ng dahil sa kahirapan,makita ang mga relatives,etc.
    isa po kami sa biktima dito,kaya po gusto kong ,malaman kong nasaan ang opisina ninyo po dahil gusto ko pong sabihin ito sa inyo ng personal,i really need help!pero di ko alam kong sino ang lalapitan at saang ahensya o opisina man,dahil andaming naaagrabyado na mga japanese descendatns dito sa mindanao at yon ay kagagawan ng mga oportunistang mga tao!
    nang dahil sa hangad kong mailabas tlga at kahit papano makatulong sa kapwa kong mga japdescendants pumunta po ako dito sa manila at isa po ito sa naisip kong paraan,which is accedentally na sumagi sa isip ko na just try to type the words which is connected to the japanese embacy or japan.Sana po,matulungan nyo po ako,heres my eadd DENDETER@YAHOO.COM.and my#09075494058.

  20. im in search of my dad for almost 20 years…. any1 can help me? send me an email at spyglassash@gmail.com…..or atleast send me a website where i can star tracing my dad…. thanks poh….

  21. hi I?m lailyn I?ve been looking for organization that could help me and my son,.. i have a 3 year old son and he?s Kenji Harada his japanesse father refused to register my son to his name because he?s married with the japanesse? please help me and let me know if there some ways for my son to experience the benefits of other japanese kids? kindly inform me or contact me with this # 09162731372

  22. sana matulungan nyo po ako sa problema ko.ako po ay may anak n 6yrs old boy ang ama niya ay japanese at hindi po kami kasal.ayaw din po niyang kilalanin ang kanyang anak.naghabol po ako nagreklamo po ako sa consul sa osaka japan pero wala rin pong nangyari.nabalitaan ko nlang sa friend niya n naaksidente siya at nacomatose.hindi ko po alam kung totoo yung balita o nagtatago lang.sa ngayon may boyfriend po akong japanese tanggap naman niya ang anak ko na parang tunay niyang anak.pumunta po dito sa pilipinas ang bf ko nung 2006 pero n hold po siya s immigration s NAIA dahil po sa tattoo sa katawan agad po siyang pinauwi s japan.hindi po siya yakuza government employee po siya.sa takot po niya dahil s bad experience sa mga NAIAstaff at NAIA police ay ayaw n po niyang bumalik po dito sa pinas.ang ginawa po namin s hongkong po kami nagkikita.nag try din po kaming mag apply ng tourist visa sa japan para dun po kami ikasal pero na deny po kmi.
    tanong ko lang po gusto kasi ng bf ko n mailipat ang apelyido ng anak ko sa kanya kahit hindi po siya ang tunay na ama.pwede po ba yun kahit hindi pa po kami kasal ay ililipat ang apelyido sa bf ko?

  23. Andami nyong problema wag nyo pahirapan si tita.,. heheheh.,.
    anu poh ba ung address ni nakajima d2 sa japan.,. Tita Belen.,.
    ung panadero?? Tsaka si Kazu nakarating na poh ba d2 sa Japan??
    ung elementary na my banda.,., pero 19 na .,.,
    pakimail na lng poh sa email ko ung sagut.,.,
    and2 na meh sa Japan.,. If my ma22long meh ok lng.,., hehehe
    ingats lagi.,.,
    tsaka ung nag trabaho sa pegasus.,.
    nakalimutan koh poh ung name eh.,.,
    san po xa d2 sa japan??

  24. my anak po akong 2 yr. old na ngayon ano po gagawin ko para makapunta sya sa japan at mabigyan ng visa

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  26. kumusta po kayo lahat……..ang descendant po ay ang aking asawa,we are in the 3rd generation,12 po kaming magkakapatid na nasa japan na nagtatrabaho ngayon.problema po namin kung paano mai upgrade ang mother namin na sya yong 2nd generation,para po sa aming mga anak na ngayon po ay nasa 4th generation na.at nasa 20 na pataas ang edad.ang birth certificate kasi ng mother namin, ay hindi nakalagay ang date of marriage of parents,at place of marriage of parents at ang apelyedong hapon mismo ng father nya, pag nakorte po ito ay malamang na lahat ng mga anak nya ay mababago rin ang mga papeles nito, may iba po bang paraan para sa kasong ito na hindi na ma apektuhan ang mga anak na sa kasalukuyan pong nagtatrabaho na dito sa japan? at kung hindi po…kawawa naman yong mga anak namin na 4th generation na nasa 20 up na ang edad.na umaasa rin pong makakapunta sa japan…….tulungan po ninyo kami parang awa nyo na….god bless

  27. gud pm sir/mam, during the 70’s my mother went to japan. as tourist then she met my biological father name

  28. Gud pm Sir/Mam,during the 70’s my mother Ms.Ruby Alberto went to japan as tourist then she met my biological father.named.(TASUKU MIKKI) formerly residing at 3 F Sanshuen Reg 3-11 osaka japan. my parents are not married.now i;m 39 yrs old iwould like to know if my forefather is still alive .is there away you can help me locate my father.Ever since i was born i haven’t see my father…pls do contact me thru my cell.09109669252/09107616979.or send my email .

  29. Good day!!!
    Meron po akong tatlong anak sa ex husband kong japanese,ang eldest po ay 16 y/o graduating ng high school this year, sumunod ay,15 y/o third year,at ang youngest ay 13 y/o ,second year.Lahat sila ay dito po sa pilipinas ipinanganak.
    Kinasal po kami ng daddy nila nung June 1993,kaya lahat naman sila ay nakarehistro sa koseki tohon ng daddy nila, Siya po ang umuuwi dito para makita kami, Pero simula nung 2001 dumalang na ang uwi nya at di na rin kami sinusuportahan…Minsan umuwi sya nung 2003,para papirmahin ako sa divorce paper na dala nya, pumayag naman ako at naniwala sa pangako niya na susuportahan nya pa rin ang mga bata kahit na hiwalay na kami. Pero simula po noon ay hindi na po siya nagpakita o tumawag man lang.Labis pong nag aalala ang mga anak ko sa daddy nila,gustong gusto nilang malaman kung anu na ang kalagayan niya.
    Sana po matulungan nyo kaming makita o mahanap ulit siya. Gusto ko rin po sanang humingi ng tulong para makapag aral ng college ang mga anak ko,hindi ko po talaga kakayaning magpa college sa liit po ng kinikita ko ay sapat lang para sa pang araw arwa namin.Nanghihinayang po ako at naaawa sa mga anak ko. Sana po matulungan nyo kami!
    May ilan din po akong katanungan tungkol sa citienship nila,saang ahensya po ba ako pwedeng pumunta at magtanong? Lubos po kaming umaasa na mabibigyang pansin nyo po ang pakiusap naming ito, Mangyaring itext o tawagan nyo po ako sa 046-540-1445, o sa celphone 0918-498-1567 para sa iba pang detalye.
    Maraming maraming salamat po…..naway lalu kayong pagpalain ng Poong maykapal dahil sa pagtulong nyo sa mga taong lubos na nangangailangan ng tulong nyo.

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  31. somebody wants to help me….i hav a son to a japanese army but were not married…my son his now 15 yrs old.and he wants to meet or to see his father..he never meet his father since birth…i hav some evidence here..likes birth cert.and he sign it, pictures of ours letters, etc…..pls kindly help how to meet my son and his father…this is my contact number 09084017812 and this is my ym cherry_inc1914@yahoo.com…till here im hoping thanks

  32. Ang father ko (77 y.o) ay anak ng hapon (nikkei-jin) before the second war, lima magkapatid sila, tatlo na lang silang buhay, hangad po ng papa ko at mga kapatid niya na malaman o makita ang kanyang father at makilala ang kanyang kamag anak bago man lang sila pumanaw sa mundo. Sana po matulungan ninyo kami na ma trace sa Japan – pangalan niya ay Jikiichi Azuma (Azuma san ang tawag sa kanya) siya po ay isa sa mga sundalo (na may rank as Kapitan) ng Hapon na nakatalaga sa Catanduanes before the war pa lang. my contact no. 557-1205 at cell no. 09203906710.

  33. I am working here in Hong Kong, some of my relatives are already in Japan, kami nalang ang naiwan my father is the Eldest one, all my papers are ready to submit to Japan Embasy, i am just looking for someone who assist me and a sponsor or guarante letter from the company, i am asking your help for the sake of our children and grand children,
    I would be very thankful if you can help me, thank you very much looking forward for your reply god bless you all

  34. hi, ask lang po kong ano ang nangyari sa nikkie jin kai federation, what happen now?
    ano ba ang purpose ninyo sa grupo? marami kaming naghintay sa wala ok lang??

    Tsukie- eyes

  35. ako po ay may lobo..lumipad sa era..di ko na nakita.. sa pagkain sana.. nabusog pa ako.
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  40. go to LCR apply for a late registration of birth, let it be forwarded to NSO. Just dont tell that he/she has a different nationality.

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  43. hi, my name is Yen. i belong in 4th generation. my grandmother is the daughter of a japanese man named; SADAJERO TSUKIMATA. i would like to ask if someone in Japan knows this family name; TSUKIMATA. because nikkei jin Iligan city told us that they could’t find this family name, TSUKIMATA in Japan.

  44. My name is Myleen Takaoka and i am half japanese. I was abandoned by my dad since childhood. Please help me to know what are the agencies here in Philippines that help people like us who want to work in Japan.
    Please email me at myleentakaoka@yahoo.com

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